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Keep it Simple — Comments

Mark (16 Jun 2009)

Your seminar was EXCELLENT! Very well planned, excellent content and it was great having the goody bags and free healthy food :-) 
I will be sure to spread the word re: your next seminar.

Nina (16 Jun 2009)

I did enjoy the seminar and I got a lot of helpful tips.
Have a nice weekend.

Angeline (16 Jun 2009)

Now just to congratulate you again for last night. You were great!, even Lisa from the GYM was saying how well you did.
Everyone in that room will certainly take some change, even a small one out of your seminar.(the girls from work thought you were great also).
You were also funny and entertaining, well done, and you certainly inspire me!

Im sure you will do many many more of these seminars (this is just a start for you) which will attract hundreds of more people (you will need a bigger venue next time!!).
Let me know if you ever want a helper, I will be there for you.....

Lynne (16 Jun 2009)

Thank you so much for last night.  Really enjoyed it and so loved the nibbles and snacks.  We would love a copy of the Hummis and the Avocado dip recipe.  There was so many people wanting to copy it down last night that we didn't get a chance. 

Lisa (16 Jun 2009)

Yes i did have breakfast - i really really enjoyed the seminar you will need to have another one!!  It was good to know that what i'm doing is correct.

Susy (16 Jun 2009)

I have my food organised, thanks to you, take my snacks with me everywhere now, and works great as I pack my daughters (she's 9 months), and mine, its easy.

Have printed a training log from the net for the half, so just need to start it.....

Talk to you next month at which time I hopefully have, I am sure you will give me a rev up if I have not!


Thanks Steffi for sending my book, it looks AWESOME I will enjoy it!


I have tried a couple of recipes and am wrapped with the outcome. Love the book!!!!
Take special care special lady.

Janice Hopkins, Wellington

Hello Steffi, that's a good idea you have of selling your wonderful cookbook. We were given a New World gift voucher during last year and whilst on holiday in Mt Maunganui I saw your cookbook on display so I purchased a copy.

We have already given to the Christchurch earthquake appeal through our Presbyterian Church but I did want to encourage you in what you are doing.
Thanks for the thoughtful idea and the many helpful tips and yummy, healthy recipes which I'm working through.


I just wanted to let you know that my girls just love your cookbook. They both say it has such lovely recipes and they really enjoy the tips and advice. The crustless Quiche is our favourite! I hope the book sales are going well.

Richie Wellsbury, Business Mentor New Zealand, Training

Good for you Steffi — great achievement. I should ask my Kerry to put it on my Christmas present list as I do most of the cooking in our house!


Thanks Steffi, The book looks fantastic! I'll bet that you're so happy with how it turned out.
Andrew thinks it's brill too! And has decided that we're organising all of our grocery shopping from it for next week.
My mother was there when it arrived and loved it too, so I'm off to order her one.
J. Brilliant!!


Hi Steffi, Your book x2 arrived (South Africa) today - we are gobsmacked by the quality of it all! Wow, I am so honoured to have you choose my font, and I have to admit it suits the style perfectly. My son Marc was highly impressed too, as he opened up the 'stand' fold, saying "Now THIS is designed by a pro who knows how people cook!"
Thank you so much — I am glad the arrived safely and I will do what marketing I can from this end of the world! lots of love and good eating.

Kirt, MoreFM

Hey Steffi, I've been meaning to email you all week to say 'thank you soooo much' for your wonderful cookbook!!
My daughter and I went through the dinner section last week and wrote down the meals we'd make for the week ahead (we do this every week)...but we made sure we'd try something different from your book every night.
We had devilled sausages on Monday, chicken schnitzel on Tuesday, egg fried rice on Wednesday and the yummy mini meatballs yesterday. I made the meatballs with turkey mince and served them on brown rice with plum sauce — they were terrific and so moist!!!
So, you see, you've made a huge difference in our lives with your fabulous recipes and I'm sure you doing the same all over NZ! We've still got another recipe book to giveaway to a listener — and we'll do this close to Christmas.
Take care. Catch up soon - before Christmas definitely!!


Hi Steffi, Like the article and you've been on TV too which is great to hear. Well done you are awesome and have worked really hard for something you believe in which is great. :) I'm proud of you finally making it happen.
Anyway congratulations on an excellent book and all the promotion you are doing for it. You are an inspiration :) Take care and happy exercising, book promoting and exercising again.


Hi Steffi, I'm not sure if I ever emailed you saying CONGRATULATIONS! on getting your book out. Awesome effort — you deserve every success. Look forward to hearing about Number2!


Hi Steffi, Just been looking through your wonderful cook book that Angeline has lent me. It's just great its a credit to you. The recipes are so easy to prepare, but look so tasty. So thought I would let you know what a great job you have done.

 L O A D I N G