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That's it! I'm OUT of here

is the first book in a series dedicated to celebrating brave and inspirational NZ women.


Join us for a fun and inspirational evening which is sure to uplift, challenge and motivate you no matter where you are in your life right at this stage.

The book is a collection of 15 real life stories from New Zealand women who have come through times of extreme hardship to a better life. These stories include cases of domestic violence, gang affiliation, child sex abuse & drug abuse as well as mental health issues.  In their own words, the women describe what they went through, what they have learned and what made them stronger after they had the power to say: "That's it! I'm OUT of here!" - Time for a Change!

To celebrate these amazing women and inspire others to be brave and make a change in their life, we will be running a presentation tour based on the book at various locations around the North Island locations. 

The evenings will include live music, guest speakers, lots of prize giveaways and goody bags. 

The book is very personal to me as it includes my own story and it is my mission to help others who are brave enough to speak up and change their current situation.  We are therefore going to donate 10% of ticket sales to the local Women's Refuge to provide support to anyone needing their support during their moment of courage and bravery.

Book Now at — TAURANGA 17.7.17

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