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With an extensive background in public speaking, Steffi August is someone who can deliver. Working with groups or individuals, Steffi will improve presentations styles, instill confidence and give the guidance that is needed.

Knowledge + Confidence = Success
"Things don't change, only you can change."

Kate McCarthy (28 Nov 2016)

I knew I needed your help with preparing for my talk as I was so nervous and in desperate need of some coaching. I am so pleased to say that I delivered my talk with confidence and can't thank you enough for all your encouragement, support and great practical tips.

Amy (11 Nov 2016)

Dear Steffi,

Thank you so much for all your help (and your encouraging messages yesterday!).  The speech went really well!  My heart was beating so hard just before I got up, so it really helped that we had practised the beginning otherwise I might have gotten flustered.  I have had lots of good feedback.
I think the best thing that you taught me was that other people do find things I have done interesting... I just need to emphasise and make it sound interesting.  That and the importance of finishing and ending well.  The quotes were a big hit!

I have learnt a lot - and told lots of people about what a great experience it has been working with you.  Next time I have a big speech I will come and visit you again!

Really really really appreciate your advice.  You are a wonderful coach!

Kathrin Hall (04 Jul 2016)

Before I attended the public speaking course, I was absolutely terrified of speaking in front of other people.  This was despite having practiced giving speeches at University.

By the end of the course I was able to confidently speak in front of a group of strangers and had even thought of volunteering for hosting a training course for my colleagues.

It was during the public speech course that I was approached with an offer to take a role that was more challenging than the one I was currently doing.  I ended up applying for and accepting this role.  I have a lot of collaboration that I do in my current role and I am finding it much easier to speak more confidently with my colleagues.

The other thing I noticed, especially recently, is that I have been communicating more effectively with my partner, and letting him know when I am unhappy with something instead of bottling it up.  This has helped immensely in our relationship.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their overall communication skills or to be more comfortable speaking in front of a group.

Thanks for all your help Steffi ☺

Brad Harper (25 Jun 2016)

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend your "speaking with confidence" workshop. Since the workshops I have had a promotion and am now supervisor of 11 shed. I use the skills I learnt in your workshops every single day whether it be at work or outside of work.

An example of this was during the build of my new house. There were many discrepancies regarding some of the variations I selected throughout the build, my partner told me that he discrepancies were only minor and not to worry about them, so I thought I'd use my learning from your course to good use. To cut a long story short I spoke up about what I wanted and stood my ground and managed to get extra retaining walls and landscaping at no extra cost.

I'd like to thank you for giving me the confidence to do this and fully recommend your workshops to anyone.

Elena Smirnova (22 Jun 2016)

The course is not only about Public Speaking but confidence in general. I have started believing in myself more. Since the course has ended I got the promotion, I am well recognised for my achievements on the project I am involved with, I have learnt the right way to ask for help and not be afraid. And (!) 5 minutes ago I have asked John Key about his thoughts about conflict between Ukraine and Russia in front of all Trustpower Staff based in Tauranga (I think it is 300+ people). My hands were shaking, but Steffi's phrase 'you won't get it unless you ask for it' constantly was bouncing in my mind - so I had to ask. I'm proud of myself (even though hands are still shaking) and my work colleagues have already complemented me on my question and confidence.

Thank you Steffi !   I will continue 'speaking up'. ☺

Courtney Carter (22 Jun 2016)

I did Steffi's public speaking workshop back in 2015. I have always been extremely shy and never spoken in front of a group. The course was my worst nightmare - being forced to speak in front of people. Well, since completing the training, over the last 12 months I am doing presentations most weeks, so far in front of groups of up to 50 people. My confidence outweighs the nerves by a long shot, and I'm gaining more career opportunities because of it. I highly recommend this workshop - the compliments you will receive from colleagues afterwards are so rewarding & confidence-boosting, and if I can do it - anyone can!

Cameron Burd - Trustpower (24 Mar 2015)

Hi Steffi
Just wanted to thank you personally for the course.
An Update over the time in the course Andee nominated me to be the MC for our awards night on 24/03/2015, I thought about this for a while and decided to accept.
On the night 90-100 people turned up including some of the Senior Management team. I believe the night went well and have received some really encouraging feedback. If I had been nominated before the course there is no way I would have done this.
So thank you and Tess for your encouragement and wisdom you both provided.

Victoria Petrie, BOP HRINZ Committee (24 Mar 2015)

Being a very busy committee we were keen to end our year on a high note. We were looking for a presenter that was engaging, upbeat and could provide our members with some valuable learnings to take away, but wasn’t necessarily “business” focussed. Steffi’s presentation was perfect for this, with a strong message to focus on getting the most out of life, being positive about your job (and if you can’t be, change it!), taking moments each day to celebrate your wins and, appreciating what you have. As a Committee we all acknowledged that sometimes we get so caught up in the business of everyday life, that we don’t take the opportunity to do these things. Steffi’s energy was contagious and the “Ya Hoo” moments she made us all practice certainly became a talking point for the evening!

(25 Mar 2015)

What did you think of the management/style of the workshop?

Great. Enthusiasm was up-lifting and very helpful. You created an atmosphere, supportive and warm, engaged with everyone.
Good – enthusiastic, good speaker.
Excellent. Sometimes so high energy/fast – needed mixed pace. Energy.
Steffi was great so full of enthusiasm and fun. She really helped to motivate us all. Tess was wonderful and so aware when listening and delivering feedback.
Very motivated and energized gave us some energy in the morning.
They were both amazing presenters and people. Se encouraging and caring. Thank you so much to you both for making this experience a personal one.
 Very efficient and contagious happy. Very positive, Up-beat and humorous professional & Supportive. Great fun. Good encouragement.
Both very vibrant presenters who showed different personalities which was good to see when they were presenting.
I thought having two presenters was great and they both complimented each other.
Thanks so much for all of your ongoing support, you truly are an amazing genuine person.
I really appreciated the course and especially appreciated what you put into it. Thanks for encouraging me to do well. Definitely am recommending it to everyone.

What did you enjoy about the course? What was most beneficial to you?

Impromptu speeches were a good warm-up.
Listen to other people speeches. Practice standing up in front of people.
Meeting others. Hearing their heartfelt stories, knowing you are not alone.
How comfortable we all felt. Watching others develop.
The impromptu speaking, I have never found it easy to speak in a group about something I haven’t planned for and loved the games we played. It really helped.
The tips I received and critiques such as filler words, speed. What I am doing well and what I am not.
I enjoyed being able to practice my public speaking to try to overcome some of my own personal barriers. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and the story telling.
The evaluation between attendees provided the only take home. Really helpful.
I loved the course and can’t wait to try and use what I have learnt. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you.
I enjoyed listening to other people and seeing how they improved & how I could benefit from watching them & how they present themselves.
Just the repeated practice and also learning about shaving my personal journey openly.
The evaluation and feedback to build on the following week.
Just getting out of my comfort zone and having to face up to the uncomfortable moments of public speaking.
Practice. The more I get up there and did it the more easier it became. All the tips and evaluations that were given.
Enjoyed the challenge especially around the impromptu speeches.
The critical feedback was good. That was key to getting improvement. The presentations really helped in getting us up speaking.

Overall, what did you think about the whole series?

I can see the progression I have made over the 6 week period + it was given me more confidence in front of others.
Very good comprehensive, liked that so many elements were included, voice, body language, speech format. Excellent build up.
Was a fun course. Made me fine my brave.
I was surprised by the format at first like basically just speeches every time. But I ended up seeing how beneficial this was.
Well pact together course, you could see the improvement in people, very encouraging and easy to listen to presenters who made the course interesting!
Great. Very useful. I think I’d like to have another go at it next year. Entertaining and educational.
I found it beneficial and enjoyed the opportunity to write the speeches as I have always loved writing and don’t do it often. I definitely feel more confident but feel I will still be nervous in front of strangers.
Great to build confidence and gave me many things to think about. The course was great. A fantastic opportunity.

What did you most enjoy about our presentation style? Was there something you really did not like about how the workshops were presented?

Sometimes felt like Re motivation to get us excited was quite extreme but actually can understand why.
I thought it was good to mix it up with critiques and information on how to present. Good team work and team dynamic. Funny and enjoyable, put us more at ease.
It was light-hearted and encouraging. Never felt like we were going to be laughed at (in a bad way).
The way time was indicated wasn’t always clear though really it should be up to us to manage our time so not a big deal.
I like the warm and friendly presentation style of Steffi and Kymberley. Great stuff!

Enjoyed the difference between the 2 presenters and how they interacted with the participants.

Would you recommend motivation 4u to another company?  --  YES!

It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and for someone like me who never gave a speech at school because I was too phobic, it was very confidence building. I get tongue tied around famous people. That’s another fear to conquer right there.
It is a great life skill being able to speak publicly.
Those running the course were fantastic and so enthusiastic. A lot of value out of all the public speaking practice.
It’s a fab course. I became much more confident in public speaking.

Christine Potter (Sep 2014)

The Lioness Club, to which I belong, recently hosted an internationally themed forum. 140 women attended from all over New Zealand. Our guest speaker was Steffi Mueller. We had heard about her before so were keen to present her to our visiting Lioness ladies. Steffi spoke passionately about her life prior to moving to this country, and the challenges that have shaped her destiny. Her ability to interact with the people around her, at the same time motivating and inspiring them, was truly amazing. She has “sparks” coming off her, her energy is so bountiful. Never the one to let the grass grow under her feet, she has many visions for the future. We know she will do well with whatever she sets her mind to, and look forward to maybe seeing her on television one day bringing her love of cooking to a wider audience. Steffi’s ability to make people relax and laugh has to be seen to be believed. It was a privilege and an honour that she said yes to attend our forum, and we all are truly appreciative of her time attending and sharing the highs and lows of her life so far.


Hi Steffi

lovely to hear from you. thank you for coming, you're a real inspiration. at least 2 have been for a good walk  since! 

All the best, we all enjoyed your talk  immensely. Look forward to trying out some of your recipes.

Di & Brian Worth

Hello Steffi

Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening last Thursday. The ladies just loved you and we all wish you well in the future as you are truly inspirational.

I forgot to give you a copy of the monthly invitation that was sent out to our members, I had it with me but the memory wasn't up to scratch so I could post it to you. I will hunt for your address through the White pages.

Thank you so much for the newsletter. I would love to be 20 years younger and have your energy!!!

Your book is fantastic. So pleased I got 2 copies.

Ross Brown

Hi Steffi

Thanks for speaking to our club, you are a star.
It was great and you have an amazing story to tell.

Good luck with the book.


You got in before me as I had intended sending you a message last night thanking YOU for such a great talk and sharing of your life story.  Especially about your brother.  That just must have been so hard for you!  

Everyone just enjoyed you so much and I am really thrilled at the interest shown in your book.  It is obviously going to sell very well.

One thing you didn't actually tell us was why New Zealand?  You explained how leaving Germany  happened but not why you chose this country to visit and then move to in the first place.

I think it is a great idea to try and get a group to meet with you and all walk up the Mount together.  We would be starters as we just keep talking about doing it and that's all!  We do walk around fairly regularly. I will bring it up at our next committee meeting and try and organise a date.  What are the best times of the week for you?

Once more many thanks for making our meeting so special!


Good morning

Congratulations on your successful presentation yesterday, you did so well!!!
You certainly made the audiences day with your story, motvation and inspiration. I look forward to seeing your level of storytelling and professionalism go from strength to strength. Very proud of you. See you tonight, have a spectacular day.

Neil Cudby

Hi Steffi,

It was great to meet you too – I felt very privileged to sit next to the guest speaker at the breakfast.  Also I meant to thank you for your speech, it was lovely and so inspirational!

Thank you for thinking of us with your friend.  At this stage we have a lot of work to do (as volunteers!!) before we get to a stage of employing people.  Though I’d imagine it will be late this year or early next.  My suggestion for your friend is to get her to either call me or go to our  website – – and register for email notices there (on the front page at the top of the news section).  Also there is a survey link there on the front page she could fill out that will come to us so we have her details.

I Hope this is something, though we have little to offer her at this stage.
I hope the ‘cook book’ writing is going well.

Annette Kitzhoefer

Steffi Mueller‘s talk at Probus Club was a vivid impression of her experiences leaving East Germany before the fall of the wall. The audience listened spellbound as she drew an emotional picture of her farewell.

Steffi it was great to meet with you at Tauranga Avenues Probus Club. Tim and I enjoyed your talk and I know your recipe book will enchant my grandchildren.

Kymberley Paige (24 Jul 2011)

Thank you sooo much Steffi for your brilliant MC assistance today. Considering you didn't know the subject very well you did an awesome job, no wonder your public speaking is so booked up:-)

Deborah Watson

Thanks so much for the wonderful massage last week, just what I needed.  It is always a pleasure to have you come to the office, you a  such a vibrant person and you bring so much positive energy with you. Have a great week.

Mike (Jun 2011)

Hi Steffi

Talked to a couple of the Rotary guys last night..... .they ALL loved your talk, certainly one of the best this year; thanks so much. The only thing I would suggest is that you should speak more about the Recipe book and more strongly say that you want them to buy a copy. Think you will have heard from a Probus Club by now. There will be over 100 people sure you could sell some there. Think you will be getting a couple more invitations soon. As soon as the directory is printed I'll give you a copy..YOU OWE ME A COFFEE!!!!!!! take care cheers

Patricia (Apr 2011)

Hi Steffi. I will be away seeing myh son in Oz from 8th to 20 th May but after that we will have to get down to seeing you swim properly. Be prepared. Love Patricia.

p.s. they all loved you at the Lyceum and are still talking about you.

Brenda McCabe

Steffi Mueller

I first met Steffi Mueller at a Sports Volunteers Breakfast two years ago. Steffi was the Guest speaker talking about her coaching of Nordic walkers.

I was most impressed with her enthusiasm and I asked her to be the guest speaker at my Probus Club. Her story of her life in East Germany & her subsequent “escape” to West Germany was of great interest to members as was her enjoyment & love for her adopted country New Zealand. She captured everybody’s interest with her delightful accent & riveting story.

Because I was so impressed with Steffi’s speech I recommended her to two further organisations I was involved in & she was also very well received there.

Steffi is a trained Chef & has recently published a superb cookbook. She runs marathons and also gives massages. She is a busy highly organised & motivated person. She loves to help people

I am very happy to recommend her as an excellent speaker.


Hi Wonder-woman /  Energiser Bunny

A big thank you Steffi for your energy, commitment, time, passion and generosity that you gave so unselfishly to Excel toastmasters.
What an example to us all of the presidential role, (our politicians could learn a lot from you).

All the best for your future plans and using your skills. I know you will succeed as you have done the hard yards at TM and can now do anything.
You always make the meetings happier than they would be, because you make then sound FANTASTIC and so they are.

Well done you
Bless you heaps


Dear Steffi,
thank-you for putting so much into our club. You are an endless well of energy, and it positively boosts all of us! You have been a great president and ambassador of our club and area. Thank-you for giving honest and constructive feedback to me, in your altruistic approach of helping others.


Thank you very much Steffi for doing such a great job as our Area President and especially our President.  Thank you for all your help with Speechcraft, with organising the trip to Whakatane and for helping me with Toastmaster.  Your "Energizer Bunny" energy never fails to uplift the mood of our meetings.


Steffi our little energiser bunny. You will be missed terribly at toastmasters for your humour energy and words of wisdom. I wish you well in your future ventures but I have a feeling I will see you soon motivating large audiences.

You are a star Steffi make it happen.


Here are my thoughts and wishes as regards to Steffi:

Leadership is not only a skill, it's also a talent. I really appreciated how you always give your best and inspire every one of us to do the same. I am glad to have had the chance to learn from you. Thank you!


Steffi has always been a great motivator and powerhouse of energy for our Toastmasters Club. 
Right from the first day she arrived she has been full of enthusiasm, especially as far as encouraging us all to make the most of living here in the Mount and enjoying the lovely walks up and around the Mount.

Her speeches have always been amazing and so interesting. When she became President she brought so much life to our Club and made everyone feel so welcome. She never failed to inspire us and sent emails around that made us all feel that we could achieve anything we set our minds to.

Steffi is always cheerful and our Club and our lives are richer for having known and learnt alongside her. Go Steffi !! All the best in whatever endeavours you choose to follow - now and in the future.

Janina Mitchell

Steffi I have found you to be an extremely motivating and uplifting person and you give your best. I have really enjoyed your bubbly personality, enthusiasm, and the energy you put into everything you do. It is very refreshing and also very catching. Thank you for all your input, it has always been done to empower and push us to the next level and to help us be and give our best.

Thank you heaps
Janina Mitchell
Finance Manager


STEFFI,  For all your good work and out there approach, thank you very much. A great job.

Jo (Rutledge)

Steffi Mueller

Thank you for being yourself.
Thank you for not only doing it for yourself,
Also for helping others along their way,
Directly. Or indirectly, by role-modelling the possibilities.

Jo (Rutledge)
Excel Toastmasters


Steffi when you first came into Excel Toastmasters you came in with a great attitude, and that was to improve your communication skills.You asked us to look beyond your accent and English as a second language You asked us to look at the person and the message of your speeches.In those inspiring  speeches you shared your personal experiences,your challenges you overcame and your self belief.

You have shown us what determination meant for you. which was the difference between success and failure. Your determination and persistence to believe in your dreams This has always been constant in your inspirational messages at the end of each  email.

 Your enthusiasm ,motivation and the X factor never being intimidated of the unknown shows strong leadership skills.
 Your dream to become a motivational speaker has become stronger and more urgent because you believe in what you do.

We will miss you Our Pocket Rocket and our Ray of Sunshine.

Leaders strongly desire to continue learning, thinking, growing. never cease challenging,questioning, yearning for knowledge and personal growth.
Go forward and make a difference Steffi.

Maria E. Burns

Dear Steffi,

I find joining a toastmaster's group a journey towards self- improvement, building self confidence and becoming a good leader. I wouldn't have joined in if I cannot fit in the group. You made it a lot easier for me to blend with the group and let me feel at home by inspiring, motivating and bringing out the best in me, focussing on my positive's more than my negatives. For these, I thank you and words cannot express my gratitude for all the things that you have done for the group. There might be some ups and downs along the way but you certainly get on with it with a smile on the face, lovely I should say. Best wishes and blessings to you..!!!


Ms Steffi

enjoyed working with you during your stint as President, Area Gov, one armed paper hanger, chief bottle washer and general dogs body!!
Thanks for the support and enjoy all that spare time ha ha


Hi Steffi,

When I first started at Toastmasters you always made me feel welcome and that is important to me.
Every time I finished doing table topics or a speech you always gave me encouragement and beforehand you always inspired  me to do well and I appreciated that.

Thank you


Steffi, Steffi, Steffi,

What are we going to do with you?  You work on Turbo charge all day and survive on  2-3 hours’ sleep a night.   You are one-in-a-million.

Always cheerful and positive and full of energy, a great organizer, nothing fazes you, and you are always willing to take on more if the occasion arises.  You have helped me out on more than one occasion at Toastmasters and for that I am forever grateful.  You give everyone who comes into contact with you lots of encouragement to better themselves and you lead by example. Thank you for being President of our club and Area Governor, and making a fantastic job of both.  

You have made an incredible name for yourself in this town, everyone knows Steffi, and all speak very highly of you.  You are the BOMB.

 L O A D I N G